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Division-wide IT policies.
Administrative Rights
Policy regarding granting of administrative rights on University-owned computers.
Hardware Warranties
Policy regarding the purchase of warranties for IT hardware.
Support for Emeritus Faculty Members
Policy regarding the types and levels of support available to emeritus faculty members.
Data Backup
This article describes the DSS data backup policy.
Software Purchases
It's both department and division policy that all IT software and equipment purchases route through DSS IT. But there are good reasons that are in your self interest, as well!
Hardware Standards
This section lists our preferred and recommended hardware configurations, and minimum hardware standards.
Software Standards
This section lists the preferred, recommended and minimum software that we support.
Maintenance Schedule
We schedule regular maintenance windows for our IT infrastructure. During these windows, we apply vendor-recommended upgrades and patches. During these scheduled maintenance windows, services may be disrupted. (Old Name BIG Fix, now TEM)
Department/Program Printing Policies
Each cluster, department and program has specified policies regarding printing, including who pays for printing supplies (e.g., toner and paper), which network printers are available and whom the printers are available to, and whether/how print quotas are enforced.
Off-Contract Purchasing
Purchasing from vendors outside of UC- and UC Davis-contracted vendors is restricted.
DSS IT Online File Storage Retention Policy
This policy addresses what happens to data stored on DSS file servers when the primary data owner is no longer affiliated with UC Davis.