This page outlines our policies regarding the services we provide to the faculty, staff and students in the Letters and Science Dean's Office, Social Science Departments, Arts and Cultural Studies, and Languages and Literatures.


Mobile Phone and Data Services - Reimbursements

The college only supports paying for mobile phone/data service where:

  • the service is in the university's name, and
  • invoices are delivered to the university, preferably through Communications Resources

Reimbursements for personally-purchased phone/data service are not allowable .

Any phone/data service must be primarily for legitimate business purposes; any personal use must be incidental. Any incremental costs to the university for personal usage must be paid back to the university.

Hardware Standards

Hardware Standards

This section lists our preferred and recommended hardware configurations, and minimum hardware standards.

Department and Program Printing Policies

PLEASE NOTE: These printing policies have been collected from the various Social Science clusters, departments and programs. They are collected here for ease of reference. Please bring any policy issues to the attention of your department rather than to LS IT.

Data Backup

This policy applies to the LS file servers only. It does not apply to Box or other third-party services.

Maintenance Schedule

We schedule regular maintenance windows for our IT infrastructure. During these windows, we apply vendor-recommended upgrades and patches. During these scheduled maintenance windows, services may be disrupted.

Software Purchases

It is our policy that IT software and equipment purchases route through LS IT. But there are good reasons that are in your self interest, as well!

Support for Emeritus Faculty Members

Policy regarding the types and levels of support available to emeritus faculty members.

LS IT is happy to provide support for emeritus faculty members in the departments, programs and centers we support. However, based on University policy, contracts, and resource constraints, the following limitations are placed on such support:

Administrative Rights

Policy regarding granting of administrative rights on University-owned computers.

For faculty members, LS IT will grant administrative rights upon request. Depending on pre-existing departmental policies, administrative rights may not be granted by default, but will be granted upon request. For faculty labs, LS IT will consult with the lab PIs to determine a lab policy for whom should be granted administrative rights. Our best practice is to create a separate administrative account rather than granting administrative rights to a primary user account.