Support for Emeritus Faculty Members

Policy regarding the types and levels of support available to emeritus faculty members.

LS IT is happy to provide support for emeritus faculty members in the departments, programs and centers we support. However, based on University policy, contracts, and resource constraints, the following limitations are placed on such support:

  1. LS IT can only support University-owned equipment and University-provided services. This means, for instance, that LS IT cannot support personally owned computers, home network connections, 3rd-party software and peripherals, etc.
  2. Most UC Davis and LS software licensing contracts and the LS computer replacement program do not cover emeritus faculty members. Departments are responsible for the costs of any computers AND costs for software licensing. This may add $100-$500+ to the cost of a computer, depending on the software required. 
  3. If emeritus faculty will be using other department or college resources, such as Office 365 accounts, file servers, network printers, etc., the departments are be responsible for those costs. Departments should budget $200+/year/emeritus for these services.
  4. Emeritus faculty members receive support based on the availability of resources. For instance, we may defer providing support to emeritus faculty who are not teaching during the beginning of any quarter, and support requests from emeritus faculty members are prioritized below requests from active employees.