Research Computing - Language for Grants

Many grants ask for a brief statement of the research computing services available at UC Davis. The following short statement can be used for this purpose for researchers served by Letters and Science IT:

At the college level: the College of Letters and Science provides a range of standard IT services through Letters and Science IT (LS IT), including service desk, desktop support, systems administration of research servers, web hosting and website development support, procurement and licensing for research hardware and software, and research data security consulting. Through the Letters and Science Computational Research Service (CRS), the college provides expert consulting on statistical and data-related programming for a variety of common statistical packages and programming environments, access to servers hosting those packages and environments, data management consultation and services, and secure "cold room" computing facilities. Most LS IT and CRS services are available at no direct cost. The Department of Statistics Statistical Laboratory provides advanced statistical consulting and analysis services on a recharge basis.

At the university level: UC Davis provides high-performance computing (HPC) through the HPC Core Facility with an available free tier suitable for initial exploratory research, a "condo" model for procuring and managing HPC hardware on research funds, and an HPC-as-a-service recharge model. The College of Letters and Science has a limited number of shared HPC nodes, managed by the HPC Core Facility, that are available to any researcher within the college. The UC Davis Library offers various research computing services, including the DataLab for consultation on data science and informatics, and research data services including consulting on data management plans and data archiving. Most Library consulting services are available at no direct cost. The central Information and Educational Technology (IET) unit offers recharge-based research computing services including software licensing for common research packages, a cloud computing brokerage service, and programming services.