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Poster Printing

DSS IT offers poster printing on a recharge basis. This service is only available to affiliates of the Division of Social Sciences.


  • The cost is $33 per poster.
  • Posters are printed on matte heavyweight poster paper that is 42 inches wide.
  • For most posters, the short dimension will be 42 inches, and the long dimension will be scaled accordingly.
    • While we can print smaller sizes, our paper is 42-inches wide. So you are responsible for cutting for smaller dimensions.
    • Third-party companies such as FedEx Office offer trimming services at an affordable rate, usually less than $5 per print. Reach out to the local FedEx Office location (313 F Street, Davis, CA) or your preferred copy shop for more details.
  • Please submit posters for printing at least one full business day in advance of when you need them.
  • Posters are printed first-come, first-served in the order that we receive ALL of the information needed for the print, including
    • a printable poster file,
    • an account to charge for the print, and
    • approval from someone with purchasing authority on the provided account.
  • We do not reserve time slots for printing.
  • We accept PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) files.
  • Posters can be picked up at the DSS IT drop-in locations in 2235 Social Sciences & Humanities or 267 Cousteau Place.

Submitting a Poster Printing Request

Please submit all poster printing requests online.

Be sure to provide all of the required information.

Tips for High Quality Posters

  • We generally see the best and most consistent results from PDF files.
  • Before sending us a PDF file, open the file and zoom in on any figures or images. If the figures appear pixellated or blurry when you zoom in, they will appear the same way when printed.
  • When creating a PDF using Adobe Acrobat, make sure to use the "High Quality" or "Press Quality" settings.