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DSS VPN Service

The DSS VPN (Virtual Private Network) service enables faculty, staff and grad students to securely access office computers, shared printers, file servers, and other network services from anywhere.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to securely access remote network services that would normally be blocked by firewalls or other network security measures. (See Wikipedia for additional information:

Why would I need to use the DSS VPN?

Many departmental and DSS network services, including network printers, file servers, and most office computers, are protected by firewalls. If you want to be able to access these resources from home, while traveling, or even from the campus Moobilenet wireless network, you will need to use the VPN.

Who is eligible to use the VPN?

Any DSS employee (faculty and staff), DSS IT customers, and DSS graduate students are eligible to use the DSS VPN. VPN access is granted automatically in most cases.

Additionally, VPN access can be granted to collaborators, visitors, etc. who are not affiliated with DSS departments. If you need to request VPN access for someone outside of DSS, please submit a ticket.

How do I use the DSS VPN?