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Please note that LS IT has minimum hardware standards and requirements for all items that we support, including:

  • all hardware >= $750 must be covered by a minimum 3 year warranty
  • all hardware must meet campus sustainability requirements
  • per UC Davis purchasing guidelines, we are not eligible for most rebates and many specials

For computers, LS IT primarily supports Dell and Apple hardware.

For printers, LS IT primarily supports Dell, HP, Samsung, and Brother hardware.

Purchasing of hardware from all other manufacturers is by exception only and at the discretion of the LS IT Director. Any non-approved hardware will not be supported by LS IT and will not be permitted on departmental networks.

Please provide your @ucdavis.edu email address (so that we know who submitted this purchase request).
Please provide a brief justification explaining why our recommended models don't meet your needs.
Please specify the type of item you wish to purchase.
Please describe the item you'd like to purchase, including make and model, any specifications, links to purchase pages, etc. E.g., Apple Mac Pro with 2TB SSD disk and 64GB memory.
Are there any peripheral items that you want to purchase along with the main item (that aren't specified above)? E.g., VGA or HDMI adapters, monitors, cables, etc.
If you are not authorized to purchase on the fund source specified above, who should we ask for approval? This is typically a research PI, grant manager, or staff manager.
Please indicate if you have a specific date by when you need this item to be available. We'll do what we can to meet your needs, but note that we are subject to vendor lead times.
If you have any additional comments or special instructions regarding this order, please provide them here.