Purchasing Freeze

The transition to Aggie Enterprise will limit purchases campus-wide from November 2023 to January 2024. Orders in this period will be delayed until January.

Directions to 273 and 270 SS&H

1. Follow the arrows from either the East Quad (across from the Bookstore) or A Street into the Death Star. Either way, you’ll be walking between SS&H and Young Hall:

social science and humanities

2. On the ground floor, you'll find sliding glass doors and an elevator:

glass door

3. Either take the elevator to the basement level, or take the stairs immediately inside the sliding glass doors.

4. At the base of the stairs/elevator, follow the sign pointing toward Rooms 270 and 273.

5. Room 273 will be on the right-hand side, and 270 will be on the left-hand side.