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About the Training Incentive Program

The DSS Staff Training Incentive program is intended to encourage career staff members in the Division of Social Sciences to take advantage of the free training resources that are available to all UC employees through the Staff Development and Professional Services.

How it works:

  • The program is open to career staff members in the Division of Social Sciences. To be eligible, you must be employed within the division both when you participate in training and at the time incentives are awarded.
  • During the course of the program, for each hour of instruction you complete from the approved list of courses you will earn $5 toward your incentive award up to a maximum of $75 per year (15 hours of training per year).
  • There is a minimum of 4 hours of training to qualify for the program.
  • The number of hours counted toward the program is determined by the estimated duration of each course as determined by the training provider rather than the actual time spent. You can find the estimated number of hours for each course in the course description in the U-Learn portal. (Here's how!)
  • The program runs year-round, and incentives are awarded in Fall Quarter.
  • On the annual award date, your supervisor will issue a call to report on training you have completed.
  • Incentive awards will be distributed in Winter Quarter..
  • The incentives are funded by the DSS Dean's Office.

To participate in the program:

  • Take any online or instructor-led IT-related courses offered by Staff Development and Professional Services:

That's all there is to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having problems accessing the training from my computer. What should I do?

A: Please submit a ticket to DSS IT, and we will help you resolve the problem. The best way to submit a ticket is online via the DSS IT website:


Q: I am a Mac user, but all of the training on the site is geared towards Windows applications. Is there any Mac-specific training?

A: Currently, there are only a few Mac-specific courses available on the LMS. For now, we recommend taking the Windows versions of courses—in most cases, the Windows versions of applications are very similar to the Mac versions. To find the available Mac courses, search on the keyword "mac" in the LMS.


Q: How can I tell how much time a specific course is expected to take?

A: We have posted a video online showing how you can view this information:

Questions or comments?

Please contact Jeremy Phillips <>, 530-341-3567.