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Update your Website Photo

How to add or update (replace) your photo on the Department Website

1.  Log in (typically the top right corner of the website)

2.  Find yourself.  Some of our websites have a handy "edit me" button.  Pull down on your name at the upper right of the webiste and see if it's there.  If not, just go to your listing.  Typically it is in the people folder.

3.  Click Edit in the green edit bar, this will give you the Edit Person, Basic information screen.

4.  Scroll down to image.  Your current image will show, you can then choose keep existing image, delete current image, or replace with a new image.

5.  To replace, click choose file and browse on your machine to find your new image.  Click Open or Okay.

6.  Click save at the bottom of the page.

7.  Refresh your web browser. If you don't do this step your picture will change, but you won't be able to see it (which is really frustrating).

If your photo does not change, then Force-reload your browser.

Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome for Windows: ctrl + F5

Firefox on Mac:  Command + shift +R

Safari:  Command + R

Google Chrome for Mac: Command + shift +R

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