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Plone How-Tos

Brief Video instructions and links to documentation for Plone
Editing Your Personal Information
Basic Add and Edit in Plone
Login, add and edit content. Add an Event.
Plone 4 user manual
End user manual for Plone 4
Using the Plone Edit Window
adding links, images, and text
Adding a Publications Page
How to add a page in plone. This works for all pages, but the example is a publications page.
Edit User Photos
Add a New Person to a Plone Website
How to add a new person to a departmental plone website
Tutorial for setting folder views
This is an awesome tutorial covering Plone's available views and how to set them.
FileHow to create directories and pages in Plone
This is specifically targeted towards personal webpages, but covers several good topics
Add Department Events with Calendar
Add Events using Plone Full Calendar
Add and Edit Images in Plone
How to add images to Plone and get them to show up where you want, looking the way you want them to.
Photo albums in Plone
Add a photo album to your website
Extra Items Showing in Main Menu
I added something and now it's showing in my site's main menu bar. How do I fix that?
Update your Website Photo
How to add or update (replace) your photo on the Department Website
images for use in tutorials
Update Your CV
How to update your CV on your department webpage
Refresh your WebBrowser
Why was I instructed to refresh my browser?
Research Clusters - History Website
Update or Add Research Clusters an Geographic Areas on the History Website
Upload Publications from an External Source
Export and Import your publications list from an abstract source like ProQuest
Docs for New Websites
Creating a Form
General Instructions for Creating a Form using PloneFormGen
Add a Campus Rep to the UCCS Website
Instructions for Adding a campus Rep. Specific to UCCS
Add a News Item to the Economics Front Page
Add a News item to the economics website front page
Hia Website
Tutorials Specific to Hia
Add Items to the Latest on the History website
Econ Job Market Candidates Hack
We'll be hacking the room and building field for your areas
403 Forbidden
Why did I get a 403 Forbidden Message?
Add a Featured Course
How to add a featured course to a department website
ImageCourses page
ImageAdd New... to Featured Courses page
ImageAdd DSS Course page
ImageTop Image section
ImageInsert/Edit Image icon
ImageInsert/Edit Image window
ImageFaculty Names section
ImageChange state from Private to Publish
ImageChange state from Private to Publish
ImageList View with skin running
ImageCourse page with skin running
Add a News Item to a website
Basic instructions for adding a news item to any of the Social Sciences Websites
Editing a front page static text portlet
Some of our websites have a static text portlet on the front page. These instructions cover editing that portlet.
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