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Websites and Web Hosting

This page describes the website and web hosting options available from DSS IT, along with information about additional options from other service providers.

DSS Department and Program Websites

DSS IT is responsible for providing infrastructure for all DSS department and program websites.

We have standardized on the Plone content management system, which makes it possible for authorized people to edit website content through the web. We are in the process of migrating all department and program websites to our standard content management system

Course Websites and Course Materials

DSS IT does not currently support hosting of course websites or course material.

We strongly recommend that all course materials be hosted through SmartSite, the official campus course management system. SmartSite is certified to meet federal accessibility guidelines, it has 24x7x365 support, and UC Davis students expect to find course materials on SmartSite.

You can find more information about SmartSite at:

You can find a variety of SmartSite support resources at: for Personal, Lab, Project and Event Websites

DSS licenses the Weebly website development platform, and it is available to all DSS faculty at no cost.

Weebly provides an easy to use, drag-and-drop platform for quickly creating attractive websites.

Weebly can be used for:


  • faculty personal sites,
  • lab or working group public sites, and
  • project or event sites.


Click here to request a Weebly account.

Event and Conference Websites

For event and conference sites, you have several options:

  • With department chair/program director approval, DSS IT can create a section on a department or program website for a conference or other event. This section can include text, images, files, etc. We can include a registration and/or abstract or proposal submission mechanism that presents a form to visitors and emails the information from the form to the event organizers.
  • Create a site in Weebly (see above). Weebly sites can include simple registration forms that will email results to the organizers.
  • Create a site in the Faculty WordPress service (see below).
  • If you need to accept payments or recharge for registration for a conference or other event, DSS IT cannot currently provide that service. We recommend that you contract with Campus Events and Visitor Services (CEVS) for this service. CEVS provides a range of event website services, including paid (or campus recharge) registrations and abstract submissions. You can find information on CEVS event services here:

Personal, Lab and Project Websites

Most DSS department and program websites include functionality to create individual profiles including biosketch information, photos, CVs, publications lists, etc. These profiles are available to faculty, lecturers, graduate students, and staff.

DSS IT currently does not offer design or custom web programming services other than for department and program websites.

There are a number of free and low-cost options available for creating and hosting custom websites:

If you use an external web host, DSS IT may be able to provide redirection services to point to the external host. These requests are subject to campus policy regarding external hosting. Please submit a ticket to request this service.

Custom Web Application Development

DSS IT web application development efforts are primarily focused on creating business applications for our departments and programs, so we do not currently offer custom application development services. If you have a business application need, please submit a ticket.

For other web application development needs, we recommend contacting IET Academic Technology Services (ATS) at: