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Software and Web Applications

This folder lists software packages and web-based applications that are commonly used in the Division of Social Sciences. Many of these packages and applications are available at no cost or at reduced cost.
Common Business Applications and Operating Systems (Tier 1)
Applications include Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS X, VMWare Workstation and Fusion, and UC Davis business systems (DaFIS, Banner, PPS, etc.) Most of these applications are available at no cost to DSS employees. Tier 1 applications a fully supported by DSS IT: we provide both installation/upgrade support AND usage support.
Research and Specialty Applications (Tier 2)
For most research and specialty applications, we provide license management, installation, upgrade, and patching support. We can also assist you in obtaining technical support from software vendors. This folder contains information on various packages, including Empirisoft DirectRT and MediaLab, The Mathworks Matlab, and NBS Presentation.
UC Davis Software Licenses
The IET-Software License Coordination unit manages volume licenses for many software packages. Some packages are available on a site license at no cost, others are discounted volume licenses. Packages include EndNote, SAS, ArcGIS, LabView and Matlab. Visit this website to find details on these packages.