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Hardware Standards

This section lists our preferred and recommended hardware configurations, and minimum hardware standards.

Recommended and Preferred (Tier 1)

We publish and update a list of pre-configured hardware packages for desktop and laptop computers and for printers. If you purchase one of the pre-configured “Tier 1” packages, we will keep a stock of spares on hand. So if your hardware breaks, we will be able to replace it the same day (unless a lot of them break all at once) for the expected life of the equipment. That’s typically 5 years for computers and printers.

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Recommended Vendors (Tier 2)

If you purchase outside of the pre-configured packages but from one of our recommended vendors (“Tier 2”), we can offer a high level of service. That’s because our recommended vendors guarantee that parts and service will be available for the expected life of the equipment.

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Minimum Standards (Tier 3)

If you wish to buy outside of the recommended standards (“Tier 3”), all purchases must still meet some minimum standards.

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