Limited Purchasing

Our ability to purchase from some common vendors, including Apple, is currently limited due to the ongoing Aggie Enterprise transition. We anticipate that purchasing capabilities will be restored by the end of February 2024.

Nick Botto

Photo of Nick Botto

Position Title
Senior Desktop Support Analyst

2203 Earth & Physical Sciences

From the time I learned to hold a screwdriver, I was fascinated by what is inside things. I quickly figured out that if I learned how to put them back together, I could stay out of trouble because no one would notice. I even managed to not light the house on fire, and quickly learned my lesson as to why we don't wire battery-powered toy cars to a wall socket. 

My areas of expertise include Mac, PCs, Linux, and making old computers and software function. I'm great at finding the bugs no one else has ever heard of - if you need someone to figure out an esoteric problem that Google has nothing for, send it my way. 

Outside of work, I enjoy making and DJing dance music. I program lighting and visual effects that respond to music in real-time for my DJ show. 

My UC Davis journey started as a teenager when my mom was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor (non-carcinogenic). Our local doctors immediately sent her to UC Davis, where they worked miracles for her, more than once - later she was one of the first people in the world cured of hepatitis C, also by UC Davis. When the opportunity to work for UC Davis came up I sprang at the chance - I wouldn't be who I am today if not for UC Davis. 

My curiosity has led me to explore computers of all kinds (I once installed Linux on MIPS-based telecom equipment), music, art, and even science. In between my career bookends as a technologist I took a ten year break to be an electron microprobe scientist doing solid-state chemical analysis here at UC Davis.