Adding the Sproul Printers to your personal computer (Windows)

Steps for installing the Sproul printers on your computer

Open a browser window and go the papercut server.  Contact us for the download address.

Select ‘Download’

Download Screenshot

You may get a warning, please select ‘Proceed’

warning screenshot

The installer will download, select the file and open it

browser download screenshot

Please enter your computers username and password into the Windows prompt

The installer will open, select ok

installer screenshot

Make sure to select I accept, then next

accept agreement screenshot


Select the check box next to all of the available Sproul Printers, then select next

printer list screenshot

Enter ad3\yourloginID and Kerberos passphrase then select next

network login screenshot


When the printers have completed you will get this pop up window, select ‘Finish’ and start printing