Adding the Sproul Printers to your personal computer (Apple)

Steps for installing the Sproul printers on your computer

On the computer you want to install the printers on, open a browser window and go to our PaperCut Server. Contact us for the download address

setup screenshot

Select the Download Button


dmg file screenshot


The installer should be in your downloads folder, Double click to open the file

papercut screenshot

Double click to start the install process, open the PaperCut Mobility Print Client

papercut installer

Select continue

license agreement

Select continue again

license agreement screenshot

Select agree

Instal Screenshot

Choose install

At the prompt enter in your computer's username and password

Successful Install Screenshot


Then close when the installation is complete.

Printer system screenshot


You can confirm the new printers by going to system preferences, printers

Printer selection screenshot

Important!  The first time you print to the printer it will ask you for your UC Davis login id and pass phrase. For the username enter ‘ad3\yourloginID’ and your Kerberos passphrase. Make sure the ‘Remember this password in my keychain’ check box is selected so it wont ask you every time you print.