Brief Directions

Brief Directions

In case you don't like videos

Go to your publications source (library, google, etc.). I used

Find your pubs, click to select the items you want to export, choose export.  The website supports the following formats, so you want to choose one of these for export:  BibTex, EndNote, Medline, RIS, XML.  I used RIS.

Your export file will go into your downloads folder.

Go the the Sociology website and login.  Once you're logged in, pull down the EditMe link from the login bar.  That will take you straight to your page.


In the green bar, choose add new, choose Bilbliography folder.

Add New Bibliopgraphy Folder

Accept the defaults to create the folder.  When creation is done, you will have a page that says, "There are no publications," scroll down and click the import link.  Import your previously downloaded file.

Click the contents tab.  All your publications will be set to private.  You'll need to publish them to have them show up.  Check all the publications you want to publish, scroll down and choose the "change state" button, then click publish.

Publish Refs