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DSS Emergency Web Printing Service

Already late for class and having problems printing out your course syllabus? DSS IT now offers a web-based emergency print service where you can submit documents to print via our website to shared printers located in your department. This service is available to faculty, staff, and instructors in DSS departments.
  1. To access the web print service, visit this web address:

    Note: you must be on a DSS network or using the DSS VPN service to reach the web print address.
  2. On the PaperCut login screen, log in with your UC Davis credentials (UC Davis LoginID and Kerberos Passphrase).
  3. From the navigation menu on the left, choose "Web Print."
  4. Click the "Submit a Job >>" link.
  5. Select a printer located near you, then click the "2. Print Options and Account Selection >>" button.
  6. Select the number of copies you want to print, then click the "3. Upload Document >>" button.

    Note: it is inappropriate to make large numbers of copies using this service. If you need many copies, please print one and use a departmental copy machine to create more.
  7. Use the file selector "Browse" button to locate the file you want to print. The file must be one of the supported types listed.
  8. Click the "Upload & Complete >>" button to submit your job. You will then see a status indicator that will tell you when your print job is complete, or if there are problems.